Dash to develop into a decentralized cloud cryptocurrency

Dash is entering a new phase of its life and evolving into a decentralized cloud cryptocurrency by presenting a platform that can support user data storage which that is verified by the blockchain and a decentralized API.


Dash is going to start a quite new and different platform. In this network, data is held in the form of decentralized cloud service within the network.

This platform is comprised of four main parts; a decentralized API or DAPI, a Dash Drive, the Dash platform protocol, or DPP, and a username layer, or DPNS.

This platform is an application development one that leverages the Dash masternode network and blockchain through converting the peer to peer network into a decentralized cloud. Using DAPI or the decentralized application programming interface, clients can integrate their apps to the Dash platform. In the meantime, the clients are supported by the Dash Drive that enables them to transfer, store and retrieve application data, and to question the blockchain via a simplified interface.

According to Mark Mason, one of DAPI's perks is that it gives as much access and security as a full node gives having no extra cost and maintenance overhead.

The major impetus behind the whole platform is to blend a centralized solution user experience with the decentralized perks belonging to a permissionless network like Dash.

Being cloud-based means that all the user’s devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops access all data as synced.


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